Sustainable production

Environmental sustainability is at the center of everything we do.

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are committed to continue to improve our processes and our products in order to reduce more and more our environmental impact.

Our sustainable choice

Let’s find out together what the LCA method is.

Our approach is based onlife cycle analysis (LCAa methodology that allows us to take in consideration the environmental impact of our PVC compounds along with the entire life cycle of the product, from the raw materials used, to the production, to the final use and to the disposal. This allows us to identify all areas where we can improve and take concrete actions to reduce the total environmental impact.

In the LCA process, we take into consideration a number of environmental indicators,including greenhouse gases emissions, the use of natural resources, the generation of waste and air and water pollution. These data allows us to fully understand the environmental impact of our PVC compounds and to identify opportunities to improve their sustainability.

Based on the results of the life cycle analysis, we adopt a number of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of our granules These strategies include the optimization of raw materials in order to reduce the use of natural resources, the adoption of efficient energy production processes and the responsible management of the waste produced during the production processes.

We also work closely with our Suppliers to make sure that all raw materials used in our PVC compounds are produced sustainably, too. We rely on suppliers who share our sustainability values and that adopt responsible practices in their production processes.

Our certifications:

We support the VinylPlus® sustainable programme

As part of the Italian PVC value chain associated with PVC Forum Italia we support the commitment to sustainability and the operational principles of the European VinylPlus® programme.

Launched over 20 years ago, this commitment has been developed through an open dialogue with stakeholders involved, including industry, NGOs, all authority of regulations , civil society representatives and PVC users.

VinylPlus covers the EU-27 plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK and collaborates with around 200 companies involved in all the different stages of the PVC life cycle, from the production of PVC resin and additives to converters, as well as collaborating with a network of around 150 recyclers.

The main results obtained:

The launch and implementation of new PVC collection and recycling schemes in the EU 27, Norway, Switzerland and the UK, starting practically from scratch. To date, this has enabled to recycle approximately 8.1 million tonnes of PVC into new products since 2000, avoiding the release of over 16.2 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The voluntary substitution of hazardous substances (SVHC), such as cadmium and lead-based stabilizers in PVC formulations and the progressive substitution of low molecular weight phthalates.

The development of the Additive Sustainability Footprint® methodology, validated by LCA experts, which allows companies to proactively evaluate and promote the sustainable production and use of PVC additives throughout the product life cycle.

The decrease in the energy required to produce a ton of PVC resin, on average by 9.5% between 2007-2008 and 2015-2016 and a corresponding reduction in CO2 missions of 14.4%. For transformers, in major applications such as window profiles, pipes, flooring, films and sheets, energy consumption decreased between 16% and 26.5% in 2020 compared to 2010.

The development of the VinylPlus® Product Label, the sustainability certification for PVC products for the Building and Construction (B&C) sector, in collaboration with BRE and The Natural Step.

For more information on VinylPlus and on the status of projects and initiatives at European level, visit the official website and join our sustainable revolution.


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