Special Granules

Designed to meet the most specific needs.

Thought to perform well in specific areas, our Special PVC compounds could be shockproof, co-extruded, surchlorated, super and expanded .

Our special granules are


The shock-proof compounds are capable of absorbing and dissipating the energy generated by impacts.


impacts. This makes the profiles produced with these compounds extremely strong and resistant to mechanical stress, protecting the objects or structures in which they are used.


The perfect combination of high quality PVC resin and specific additives.


This synergy translates into perfect adhesion between the different materials, ensuring effective welding and perfect co-extrusion.


The advanced formulations are designed to ensure exceptional thermal stability.


products made of our materials can be used in high heat applications without problems of deformation, degradation or loss of performance.


Materials that stand out for their excellent mechanical characteristics, capable of giving an extraordinary shine to the surface of the extruded profiles.


Their special formulation is made to offer superior performance and a very high quality aesthetic appearance.


We are able to supply compounds suitable for different types of expansion and low specific gravity.


Regardless of the complexity of the part and the particular needs of the extrusion process, our granules offer reliable performances and high quality results.

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Our sustainable

With our certified PVC compounds, you can be sure you are choosing a sustainable solution for your applications, contributing to the protection of the environment for future generations.

Our product range of granules

Let’s discover together the world of PVC Compound.

Compounds, our rigid PVC granules, are produced through meticulous blending of PVC resin with a variety of additives. Additives such as stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, fillers and pigments are essential to give the product the desired characteristics. This carefully balanced blend ensures the optimal performance of the final product.


Our most versatile granules suitable for many applications.


Produce high-quality profiles, in an efficient and economical way!

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