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We work closely with all of you to fully understand your needs and the technical details of your project. Discover our services combined with buying or consulting.

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In addition to our wide range of PVC compounds, we offer dedicated assistance to improve your projects. Discover our combined services and contact us for further information.



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We can offer, with the support of experts, the choice of the product that best suits your needs.
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Are you unsure about which solution to choose for your project?
You can ask for a sample.


We provide a sampling service, allowing you to better evaluate your product choice based on yield and specific needs.
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Do you have specific needs Find out our service to customize formula and color.


Our experienced team is always ready to collaborate with you to create unique and customized PVC compounds.
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Our sustainable

With our certified PVC compounds, you can be sure you are choosing a sustainable solution for your applications, contributing to the protection of the environment for future generations.


Our most versatile granules, suitable for multiple applications.


Produce high-quality profiles, in an efficient and economical way!


Designed to meet the most specific needs.

Our range
of PVC compounds

Each type of granule has different characteristics
and uses, based on the final product, we want to obtain.

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