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We have a high-tech state-of-the-art fully automated implant for the production of rigid PVC compounds for extrusion and we can provide a wide range of colours and materials without any quantity limit.

Vinilchimica - PVC rigid compounds
We follow closely the production of all our materials, taking care of every aspect and phase: from the purchase of properly selected and high quality raw materials to the employment of the newest high-tech machineries and equipment; from the detailed and custom-made packaging to the stocking a clean, protected and adequately suited environment.

We are able to produce custom-made and personalized formulations and colours to meet any specific request of our customers. Every material can be produced in compliance with the RoHS regulation and with eco-friendly materials.

We take care of the environment

In recent years, a new legislation has been introduced to provide for the gradual replacement of lead stabilizers and this has drove us to the experimentation of new high-tech eco-friendly calcium zinc stabilizers, very effective in the resistance to atmospheric agents.

We have hence adopted calcium zinc stabilizers in all our standard formulations.
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Our compounds

for innumerable applications, various sectors and many different production processes

Special granules

Compounds made with the addition of shock-proof additives that allow the production of profiles requiring to withstand particular high mechanical stresses.

Materials especially made for the production of rigid profiles in co-extrusion with soft ones or rubber; this special formulation, in fact, makes it possible to obtain a very good workability, even at low temperatures.

Compounds with good mechanical characteristics that give a special gloss to the surface of the extruded profiles.

surclorated (C-PVC)
Formulations studied for the extrusion of manufactured articles requiring resistance to high operating temperatures.

injection moulding
Compounds specifically designed for the injection moulding of manufactured articles of any kind.

foam PVC
A material expressly studied for profiles that require a low specific weight.

Standard productions

Standard compounds suitable for various applications. They are especially appropriate for the production of weather-resistant roller blinds. They are also recommended for the extrusion of general profiles of any kind of shape and dimension.

Economical productions

High-productivity compounds, suggested for profiles that do not require to withstand high mechanical stress.
In this range there are also formulations studied for the production of profiles for internal use.

Eco-friendly "green" materials

By obtaining the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification for environmental sustainability, Vinilchimica occupy a leading position in eco-sustainability, engaging in the production and promotion of PVC compounds with special technical features in order to obtain a finished product with high performance characteristics but with reduced environmental impact.
From 2017, a new UL Yellow Card certified material is available, ideal for electrical ducts.
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we usually offer customized solutions

Vinilchimica S.r.l.

We provide high-quality services that make our products safe, reliable and always suitable for the intended use.

We operate in partnership with our providers for the development and the use of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and safest technologies.

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